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Auctioneers Kerry

Hennigan Auctioneers were formed in 1996 and are currently led by William (Billy) Hennigan.  Since the practice was begun, we have grown steadily.  We are currently one of the most successful auctioneers in the Kerry area.  Our business takes us all over the Munster region and further afield.  To date, we have become involved in all aspects of the auctioneers Kerry and Munster property markets.

We take a ‘hands on’ approach to our work which results in us acheiving a high level of success.  Our comprehensive property service gathers the right information so that you can make the right choices.  Contact us now to see how we can work for you.

Kerry Estate Agents

As Kerry estate agents, our property Killarney based, in particular, is in demand all year round.  The recent economic upturn has also had a positive impact.  Hennigan Auctioneers are ideally placed in the heart of Killarney to get the best deal for all of our clients.

Property Killarney

Killarney property is particularly sought after both domestically and internationally.  We work to find and highlight the different property Killarney has to offer and also the most relevant to you.  Different property in Killarney ranges from sites, to development sites to houses, bungalows, commercial opportunities and more.  With the knowledge we have gathered over more than 20 years we can leverage the right deal for you.  Killarney property can be difficult to find unless you know where to look.  It is a large area where sometimes only locals have inside knowledge.  This is an area in which we excel.

Contact Us Now

There are a number of ways to contact us.  You can pick up the phone and speak directly to one of our team.  You can send an email if you have a lot of information to impart.  There is even a form on this site where you can send us your details and we will get back to you.  Whichever way you choose, contact us now to take advantage of our skills and local knowledge.