Hennigan Auctioneers

Hennigan Auctioneers was set up in Killarney way back in the 90s.  The business has grown over the years and provides a professional service to buyers, sellers and lessors alike.  Our main business is of course buying and selling on behalf of our clients.  The Hennigan Auctioneers experience will introduce you to a world of professionalism.  This is not only in the way meet, greet and treat our clients but also in the way we conduct our business.  Our staff are professional to the extreme and help to position Hennigan Auctioneers as the best brand for you.  Our data base of local and national properties positions us in the ideal place to serve our clients be they local, national or international.

Killarney House Sale

If you are looking for a great deal on a Killarney house sale then you have come to the right place.  We have the best deals you can find for any Killarney house sale including those near and far.  Some sites include those up the road in Barraduff – like this one.  Or here in Rathmore where you have the choice to re-build or start all over again.  Closer to Killarney town is this semi – why not take a look?  We have properties in the sought after area of Aghadoe – like this one.  Don’t delay, make contact today!

Other Houses in Kerry and Further Away

There are properties for sale in Cork and Limerick as well as Kerry.  Some of these can be found in Oola in Limerick and others can be found in Cork.  Some of the Cork properties we have are in Mallow including this 2 bedroom cottage style house which needs tidying.  It is set on 1 acre and is convenient for most amenities. For sale is also a property in Portmagee – a beautiful modern build with 3 bedrooms and great views.  What we are saying is that we have the best local knowledge for you.  We can take you into all of our town properties or set you up further away.  So, don’t delay, ring us today!