Auctioneers in Killarney

Auctioneers in Killarney

There are many auctioneers in Killarney,  But why would you choose just one of those auctioneers to work with?  Well, with Billy Hennigan you are guaranteed great service and also great trust.  We not only give you a great online selection of properties to view but can take you to each one personally.  We are also very aware of the legal implications of purchasing property.  This is why we have a Customer Service Charter clearly placed on our web site.   This represents our commitment to you, our client.  If you wish to chat with any of our staff members, or Billy himself, just give us a quick call.

Estate Agents Kerry

In the next few years we expect that home prices in Kerry will continue to rise. This is something noted by a number of commentators including the Irish Independent.  Therefore, Auctioneers in Killarney will be more busy than they have been lately.  This being the case, it makes sense to contact Estate Agents Kerry based with a good track record.  And that is us!!

Billy Hennigan informs all of his employees during their training of the best way to work with clients.  This makes us one of the best estate agents Kerry has to offer. Properties available in the wider area of County Kerry include this bungalow in Castleisland.  This property is a stunning bungalow set on approx’ 0.5 acre.  A property suited to a family or even to rent out.  Another property in Kerry County is this great bungalow in Castlemaine.

Killarney and Places to Live

It is all too easy to suggest places to go to, especially when you live in Killarney.  But it is much more difficult to suggest areas where you can live.   Our suggestion to you is that you visit areas within easy walking distance of Killarney.  Ross Castle is a 15 minute walk from the town centre.  Muckross House is a 40 minute walk.  Colman’s Castle is a hidden gem only 40 minutes from the town centre too.  One of our favourite walks is in the Demesne.  Just next to the Cathedral is the Demesne and this is an extended walk.  This walk is great for people of all ages – young or old alike will love the gentle slopes.  Wild deer can be seen here too. Especially in September/October.  Care must be taken when viewing the deer as they can be more than a bit feisty!  The wild deer are especially fierce during the rutting season.  This tends to be around October but you should check before you go into these areas.  And when you have enjoyed strolling among the deer and the greenery you can come back to town easily.  Killarney, a place where you can really live!!